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Hugo Amilcar Castelo Pires - MSc

Supervisor: António José Borba Ramires Fernandes

Start Date: 1999-10

End Date: 2002-07

Title: Visualização de Terrenos em Tempo Real


Real time terrain rendering requires specific view dependent continuous level of detail algorithms in order to achieve smooth and accurate navigation with high frames rates. Many publications in this area have eme rged recently, presenting different solutions, namely Lindstrom et al., Röttger et al. and ROAM.

In this thesis, a study on OpenGL<92>s display list mechan ism applied to real time terrain rendering algorithms is presented. Although the use of display lists is not common in this type of algorithms, due to the dynamic na ture of the triangle mesh, a significant performance increase can be obtained with high frame-to-frame coherence.

A new algorithm is proposed, based on the wo rk by Röttger et al.. It uses display lists for real time continuous terrain rendering. The algorithm simplifies the height-field data and stores the results in disp lay lists.

Three different versions of the algorithm were implemented: the first one uses hierarchical display lists; the second one uses simple display li sts stored in a double linked list; the last one takes advantage of frame-to-frame coherence.

Versão PDF da tes e submetida a 15 de Janeiro de 2003