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Sérgio Vasco Freitas Ferreira - MSc

Supervisor: António José Borba Ramires Fernandes

Start Date: 2009-09-03

End Date: 2009-02-16

Title: Simulating High Quality Real-Time Shader Materials


Simulating product materials in real-time in the conception stage is one opportunity that Industry tries to take advantage using emerging technologies. In a context that invests a huge economical effort, average results aren´t acceptable. Off-Line rendering isn´t a viable option for the initial stages of development, it is required that it can be done in real-time and with high quality levels.

The research done took advantage of the of GPU capabilities exponential growth and has as result a shader library corresponding to real materials. This library is available to all Samsung designer’s as an important tool in their process creation.

The previous implemented work was based on a generic BRDF model that uses empirical data. A new rebuild framework was defined, using real BRDF data measurements, removing the need for user parameterization and improving considerably the rendering quality.

Nevertheless, each new material development was still a demanding task and a new approach was needed. The research effort was focused in developing a new innovative way to create new virtual materials by providing an easy to use and intuitive interface for designers to assemble shaders in an analogous way to the real material prototyping, both reducing the complexity and time of such task. The result was VMLab (Virtual Material Laboratory) project that provided and important tool to mix several developed techniques from the Shader Library allowing the generation of new virtual materials.