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António Ramires Fernandes & Hugo Pires

In VSMM 99 - 5th Int. Conf. on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, pp325-334, Dundee, Scotland. September, 1999.

ISBN: 1899-796-037


VRML provides a hierarchical language to define 3D interactive models. However, when writing VRML code, even the small toy models require a large amount of code to be written. The absence of features present in traditional programming languages like variables, conditional statements and cyclic structures turn the process of writing code in VRML a painful exercise. In this paper we present an extension to VRML, which attempts to some extent to overcome these issues. In order to avoid creating yet another language requiring new browsers to be developed, our approach is to provide a pre-processor which compiles the new code into standard VRML code. Therefore anyone can use the new syntax, and see the compiled result in a standard VRML browser.