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Verifying user interface behaviour with model checking
J. Creissac Campos (visit this page for up to date information), M. D. Harrison & Karsten Loer

In J. C. Augusto & U. Ultes-Nitsche, editor(s), Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems: proceedings of VVEIS 2004, INSTICC Press, pages 87-96. April, 2004.

ISBN: 972-8865-03-1


Alarge proportion of problems found in deployed systems relate to the user interface. This paper presents an approach to the verification of user interface models based on model checking. The verification is concerned with behavioural aspects of the user interface and requires models that represent both the interactive aspects and also captures important features of the context to allow restrictions of behaviour to those that conform to appropriate human and environmental constraints. A tool suite to support the approach is under development and is described. Future work directions are put forward.