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From Spatiotemporal Curves to Reconstructed Depth
Rui Rodrigues, António Ramires Fernandes, Kees van Overveld & Fabian Ernst

In Special Issue of Image and Vision Computing, Elsevier. October, 2004.


We present a novel approach for 3D reconstruction based on a set of images taken from a static scene. Our solution is inspired by the spatiotemporal analysis of video sequences. The method is based on a best fitting scheme for spatiotemporal curves, that allows us to compute 3D world coordinates of points within the scene. As opposed to a large number of current methods, our technique deals with random camera movements in a transparent way, and even performs better in these cases than with restrained motion such as pure translation. Robustness against occlusion and aliasing is inherent to the method as well.

Keywords: Depth Reconstruction; Spatiotemporal Video Analysis; Spatiotemporal Curves