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The role of verification in interactive systems design
J. Creissac Campos (visit this page for up to date information) & M. D. Harrison

In P. Markopoulos and P. Johnson, editor(s), Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems '98, Springer-Verlag/Wien, pages 155-170. June, 1998.

ISBN: 3-211-83-212-2


In this paper we argue that using verification in interactive systems development is more than just checking whether the specification of the system has all the required properties; and that changing the focus from a global specification into partial, property oriented, specifications can provide a number of advantages and make verification act as an aid to decision making. We also present a compiler that allows for the verification of interactor specifications to be done in SMV, as well as a simple case study where verification is used to inform a design decision.